Rigid Foam

About Rigid Foam

Rigid foam is a type of insulation material known for its structural strength, thermal performance, and versatility. It is composed of closed-cell foam, typically made from polymers such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), polyisocyanurate (polyiso), or polyurethane. Overall, rigid foam is a versatile material that plays a crucial role in enhancing energy efficiency, comfort, and durability in buildings and various industries. Its ability to address multiple requirements, from insulation to structural support, makes it a popular choice among manufacturers seeking high-performance solutions.


Product CodeBlowing Agent TypeFoam typeAppearanceMixing RatioViscosity @25 Deg CCream Time (sec)Gel Time (Sec)Free Rise Density (kg/m3)Moulded density (kg/m3)Product Description
RF4381 –B2
141B, C-Pentane, EcomatePUR – B2, B3Yellow Liquid100: 105 to 1501100 – 150025 – 45120 – 25023-4143-65Discountinuous wall panel for various thickness with better fire ratings. Pour-in-situ application for different densities
RF4004 –B2
RF 4050
141B, C-PentanePUR – B2, B3Yellow Liquid100: 120 to 1501100 – 220010-1835-7525-4540-55Continuous Wall & Roof panel for various thickness and line speed with better fire rating
C- Pentane N- pentanePIRYellow Liquid100: 150 to 1701000 – 150010-1835-7530-4540-55PIR Continuous panel for wall and roof with vary thickens and line speed
RF 7439
RF 4115
141B, C-Pentane, EcomatePUR – B3Yellow Liquid100: 155 to 150300 – 200012-1850-6523-4535-80Appliances, Refrigerator, Thermoware, Ice Box, Block Foam, Headliner, Pipe Insulation
SP7216 – B2
SP7218 – B2
SP7129-1- B2
141BPUR -B2Yellow Liquid100: 100 to 115300 – 6003-55-825-3625-36141b based Spray foam with different density ranges with 82 fire ratings for roof and wall insulation

Product Applications

Ice box

Rice / Ice Bucket

Sandwich Panel

Water Bottle


Spray Foam

Pipe Insulation

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