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About Speciality PU Green Products

Speciality PU Green Products material represents a significant advancement in sustainable material technology, offering a range of products that combine the exceptional properties of polyurethane (PU) with a commitment to environmental responsibility. In summary, Speciality PU Green Products represent a crucial step forward in material innovation, addressing both the practical needs of industries and the growing demand for sustainable solutions. By offering the benefits of traditional polyurethane while minimizing environmental impact, these products contribute to a more sustainable and responsible future for material production and consumption.


Product CodeFoam typeIsocyanate typeBlowing agentAppearanceMixing ratioViscosity @ 25 Deg CCream me ( Sec)Gel me (Sec)Free rise density (kg/m3)Moulded
density (kg/m3)
Product Description
IS4260 IS4264 IS4155Integral skin foamModified MDIMethylal, Water blownBlack colour liquid100: 42 to 581100 – 150010 – 2035 – 50110 – 250250 – 450Automove office chairs
Arm rest
Steering wheels application
RIM 6070 RIM 6074RRIM SystemModified MDIWater blownBlack colour liquid100: 126 to 148800 – 120025 – 3536 – 50700 – 9001000 – 1500Automove car parts like, Pumber,
Dashboard Arm rest app
AF 1680-37- A25
AF 1680-37- A25
Air filter foamModified MDIWater blownBlack colour liquid100: 30 to 451300 – 170015 – 4050 – 80250 – 350250 – 450Air filter application with various Hardness with good physical properes of tear & Tensile strength
RF 4112-20E RF4112-30E RF4114-26EThermowareModified MDIEcomateYellow liquid100: 120 to 130250 – 4007 – 1045 – 5522 – 2733 – 45Thermoware, Ice box, carousel, Fish storage applications



Product Applications

Air Filter Black

Air Filter Pink

Air Filter Orange

Car Bumper

Roof Rail

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